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    Tempered Glass

    1. High-strength glass that is heated to intenerate, and then condensed quickly by cool air with the same thickness.
    2. The optical performance of tempered glass is as well as the normal annealing glass, and they also have good mechanical strength and bounce impact strength.
    3. The mechanical strength of tempered glass is as 3-5 times powerful as normal annealing glass, bending strength is as 2-5 times powerful as normal flat glass.
    4. The excursion of temperature that tempered glass endures is 250-320 degree.
    5. Safety is the best advantage. After being crashed, the honeycomb pieces prevent people from harming.

    Minimum size:2400x7000mm
    Color: clear,bronze,green,blue & other colors

    glass door, curtain wall of building, indoor partition, elevator, showcase, door and
    window of building, furniture and household appliance etc.