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    Quartz Glass

    Technique index sign :

          1.Material:Quartz glass JGS1.JGS2.JGS3 either through the far ultraviolet, but also through the visible and near infrared spectroscopy.Very small thermal expansion coefficient, chemical stability, bubbles, stripes, uniformity, there can birefringence comparable with the general optical glass;200 nm to 2500 nm spectral range of a full range of optical glass

        2.Surface quantity:0/0,40/20~80/50

          3.Surface accuracy:1/10 into,1/4 into2 into

          4.Thickness business trip:±0.01mm±0.02mm

          5.Center deviation:5Arc second1Arc Minute

          6.Process the scope:The thickness is the most thin to attain 0.2 mm 



    Product elucidation:

           Used in military, lasers, metallurgy, optical instruments, stage lighting industry, high-temperature window.The product's craft forerunner, quantity is dependable and produce the period short, the batch quantity is big to deliver goods quick, the price is low.


    High-temperature optical quartz glass mainly used in the military, metallurgic and instrumental industries.